Group Sessions / Classes

APE.Men Social Motion group movement classes are designed and facilitated to explore and release the positive forces of maleness resident in every male body.

Tired of hearing about Toxic Masculinity? Explore how the same forces can be identified, confronted and released in positive, life enhancing ways. Learn to make these forces within you sources for your personal power, your positive energy and your gift of maleness to those surrounding you and society at large.

And have some fun and burn some serious calories in the process!

Classes currently occur twice a month.

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I forgot how I love to dance

workshop participant

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I left the workshop more aware of my power


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I felt freed


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I was surprised how much fun I had and how great I felt at the end


Non-aesthetic and non-choreographed. And non-competitive

APE.Men classes operate in the unusual space half-way between a choreographed dance class and competitive sport. In this space, there is neither choreography nor a competitive atmosphere based on being the fastest, the strongest, or the best.

It is a movement style which is not aesthetic. Where there is no judgement of right or wrong. Where being in touch with the body is more important than the outcome.

It is exercise which is valued for how it makes a man feel, not by the measured outcome.

I became very aware of my body and my energy
— Participant

What is a typical class like? What can I expect?


APE.Men Social motion classes are approximately 2 hours in length. 

Each class is divided loosely into three sections:

  1. Extended full body warm-up, focusing on the spinal column and stimulating neural pathways and cellular memory. Two principal movement practices are utilised during this phase of the class: Anna Halprin's Movement Ritual and Martha Eddy and Body Mind Centering's Developmental Movement Sequence.

  2. Physiological and movement exploration of the historical, evolutionary, animalistic and sporting uses of the male-specific characteristics of the human/animal body. Each class emphasises one specific aspect of the male physiology and the metaphors of its movement. This phase includes some role-play, partner and group work depending on the specific body part focus of each class).

  3. The second phase of class flows into the third through increasingly energetic and powerful exploration of free dance. It is during this phase of the class when men touch their agency, power and excitement. Finally, there is a calming, relaxing cool-down.

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Agency: action or intervention, especially such as to produce a particular effect

Oxford English Dictionary


Agency, Power and Excitement!

Where does a male's need for physical experience originate? Child development researchers have examined the differences in the act of play and interpersonal relationships from a very young age. Boys, from the earliest, pre-gender socialized ages prefer relationships and games which develop and display sensations of power, excitement and – specifically – agency. They generally choose, as early as the age of two months, toys which feature movement.

Boys – and I would suggest males of all ages – need to feel these sensations of agency, power, and excitement in their bodies. Throughout their entire lives.

APE.Men group classes will provide males with a safe environment to explore and develop their personal agency, power and excitement.

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I felt empowered



Who is APE.Men for?

APE.Men Social Motion classes / sessions are designed to explore and develop the positive male energies that reside in the hormones, organs, muscles, bones, tissues and fluids of the male body.

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Male bodies are different

With a penis, two testicles, a prostate gland, narrow hips and broad shoulders - and this is just the start - male bodies produce and experience different physical outcomes to their female counterparts.

These physiological differences result in different experience of the body and therefore a different experience of life.

APE.Men is not about gender

Socialised or self-identified gender are not the subject of APE.Men.

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9 out of 10 participants feel more connected to their male energy

August 2017 Workshop